Each qualification programme deals with a specific topic, addresses a defined target group within your organization, and takes into account the specific requirements of your industry. The graph illustrates these three dimensions and gives examples for topics, sectors and target groups.

DMAN's range of topics is very broad. As a client, you name the topic on which you - or your employees - want to qualify further. We will then bring on board the best experts we can find on this subject, and identify companies where participants can experience best practices on site. So that they are well equipped to return to everyday business life and can put into practice what they have learned.

Here are some examples of topics around which DMAN already organized and carried out client-specific qualification programmes:

  • Global leadership in a successful region
  • Strategic management
  • Inclusion of disabled people in the labour market
  • Wood and furniture industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Project management
  • Industry 4.0
  • Procurement and supply in the oil and gas industries
  • Modern personnel management
  • The German dual vocational training system
  • Public administration in Germany
  • Automation and IT technologies in pipeline operations
  • Current management practices
  • Logistics, inventory management, purchasing, warehousing
  • Marketing in the carpet industry
  • International experience with smart grids in power supply

Your topic is not listed? No worries. Our offer includes many more topics.
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