Study tours

Study tours focus on visiting companies, organisations, administrations or universities, in order for the participants to get first-hand impressions of best practices, and to compare and learn from experiences made in different regions or countries.

Starting point of a study tour is often the DMAN in Celle with an introduction to the respective topic. If the tour starts at a different location, the introduction is usually held in a seminar hotel on site.

DMAN takes care of the entire, often complex, logistics including hotel accommodation, catering and transport, and will also be happy to organize a cultural programme during or after the tour, if desired. Local partners or accompanying DMAN employees ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Examples of study tours which we recently organized for our clients:

  • Industry 4.0 – Experiences in Germany (Hanover – Stuttgart – Munich)
  • Environmental protection in foundries (Berlin – Leipzig – Amberg – Lohr – Hanover – Berlin)
  • Hydropower and renewable energies – Experiences in Germany, France and Switzerland
  • Inclusion of people with health problems in the labour market – Experiences in Germany and Austria