Customer-specific seminars and trainings

DMAN seminars primarily serve to impart current, practice-oriented specialist knowledge. They can relate to a specific topic or industry, provide overview knowledge or discuss focused questions.

The programmes usually combine information input (lecture + discussion) by experts from the DMAN network with the analysis of current case studies taken from German businesses.

Visits to German companies are an important component of all our programmes. They allow our guests to get to know the local business practice. Managers and employees of the host companies share their experiences with the participants, provide insights into their production, and discuss the topics of the seminar. During these visits, business contacts are established that benefit both sides.

Examples of seminar topics:

  • Models of continuous improvement in manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Functionality of smart grids in energy supply
  • Quality management in public procurement
  • Organisation of an effective service for labour market promotion and recruitment of skilled workers


At trainings, DMAN trainers teach practical skills that participants need in their daily work. Short lectures alternate with practical work that allows them to try out new techniques in exercises, role plays, case studies.

In addition to such "dry runs", the new skills can often be tested in practice, for example during presentations at a trade fair, individual negotiations or business meetings.

Examples of trainings:

  • Convincing company presentations
  • Effective trade fair presentations
  • Successful sales talks
  • Targeted negotiations