DMAN in mourning for Dr Ronald Pschierer

In silent mourning, we bid farewell to our long-time colleague Dr Ronald Pschierer, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 67.

Mr Pschierer was part of our academy from 2002 to 2022. As programme director he developed countless programmes and projects and filled them with life. There must have been several thousand participants he welcomed during his time with us.

He was a valued and reliable contact person for our clients and partners at home and abroad, and a good friend to many. For the last six years, he was responsible for and supervised the MP programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology as project manager.

We have known Mr Pschierer, our "doctor", as a loyal and warm-hearted person who had a very subtle sense of humour and a quick wit. His light Saxon accent is still ringing in our ears today.

In February 2022, we celebrated his 20th anniversary with us, and in August we saw him off into a well-deserved retirement. Nobody could have guessed that he would only be able to enjoy his retirement for five months. We all would have wished him more time.

We pay our respects to a fine man and will keep him in honourable memory. Rest in peace, dear Ronald, dear doctor.