Leadership by Coaching for Female Business Entrepreneurs

International women entrepreneurs – like these visitors of the German-Arab Women Business Leaders Summit in October 2018 – are increasingly interested in the topic of "Leadership by Coaching.

Women in leadership positions face specific challenges and they often encounter similar conflicts. Career coaching for women is a worldwide trend. Around the globe, the balancing act between family and career and the individual work-life balance are important topics for business women. The same goes for the question of how women can make it from middle management to senior management positions.

DMAN responds to the increasing demand with new premium seminar offers. In seminars such as “Leadership by Coaching for Female Business Entrepreneurs”, the participants get to know coaching as a management instrument that can help them lead their coworkers better. In addition, they can book individual coaching sessions to discuss specific issues they face in their working life.

During the 5-day seminar programme, the female entrepreneurs study the fundamentals and guiding principles of coaching. They test selected coaching methods, such as questioning techniques, active listening, reframing, anchoring or the “inner team” model. In addition, they are trained in suitable leadership styles and learn how to develop agility and integrate performance management and change management into their daily work. Conflict training and communication training are also part of the programme, they are illustrated by practical examples and applied in practice units.

Special aspects of women in management positions are highlighted, discussed with each other and deepened in individual coaching sessions. A visit to the HR department of a small or medium-sized company gives the international business women a practical insight into the use of coaching in that organization, with the opportunity to exchange experience and discuss impressions with their local peers.

Your contact for individual coaching and seminars on "Leadership by Coaching" and "Cross-Cultural Coaching":

Julia Thoma, DMAN Programme Manager China & ASEAN, Personal Coach for international specialists and executives