End of business activities

DMAN will cease its business operations at the end of 2023 and go into liquidation on 1 January 2024.   

How did this come about?

As a result of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine and the resulting sanctions, most of DMAN's turnover was lost overnight and for the foreseeable future. The measures we have taken to diversify both thematically and regionally have not yet been able to compensate for the loss of the Russian business, which used to be the main pillar of our activities.

As the largest DMAN shareholder, the State Government of Lower Saxony saw no chance of DMAN continuing to operate economically and therefore decided to offer its shares for sale to the other shareholders and to withdraw from its involvement in DMAN. Under these circumstances, it is unfortunately no longer possible for DMAN to continue its business operations.

What happens next?

DMAN will cease operations in the fourth quarter of 2023 and go into liquidation at the beginning of 2024. DMAN's current managing director, Alexander Wurst, will manage the winding-up process until the end of 2024, the so-called blocking year. He will also be your contact for any remaining questions. You can still reach him at awurst[at]dman.de or +49 175 220 18 11.

On 15 September, we said goodbye to the last DMAN seminar group – South African managers from the water industry. They were the last of more than 35,000 professionals and managers from 35 countries that we have trained in more than 18,000 seminars since 1989.

For the employees, the liquidation of our academy is a serious setback, and we are now doing all we can to help these highly motivated and skilled colleagues find new jobs.

Thank you!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the people, companies and organisations that have accompanied us over the years: Our colleagues, clients and partners, without whom there would have been no DMAN activities. Our many trainers, lecturers and tutors, without whose expertise and commitment no seminar would have taken place. Our suppliers and service providers, without whom we could not have organised all this. Our shareholders and Supervisory Board members, who have supported us in word and deed. Above all, and most importantly, we thank our thousands of seminar participants, without whom none of our activities would have made sense. It has been an honour and a great pleasure to work for and with you.

Goodbye and Auf Wiedersehen!

Kindest regards,
Your DMAN team


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