Our customers

DMAN carries out its programmes for a wide variety of clients:

  • Companies and corporate universities
  • Universities and business schools
  • Administrations and administrative colleges
  • Chambers and trade associations
  • Consulting companies, study tour operators
  • National and international project holders

Topics, contents and programme design are always agreed upon individually with the respective client.

In addition, the DMAN Open Academy offers open seminars for which individuals can register directly.


Companies and corporate universities

As part of their personnel development strategy, companies ask us to organize training measures on very specific topics. We support human resources departments in the implementation of programmes in Germany and the EU, taking into account their specific requirements regarding content and format. We carry out programmes to promote young talents, just as reliably as special programs for high-ranking executives.

Examples of programme formats:
Seminars and trainingsStudy tours, Trainer on site


Universities and business schools

For universities and business schools, DMAN mainly offers practice-oriented international modules for participants of MBA or EMBA courses. These programmes are complemented and enriched by company visits and implementation-oriented methods.

In addition, we also conduct seminars and study tours for university teachers and executives from the university administration on current science, business and management topics.

Examples of programme formats:
MBA modulesStudy tours, Trainer on site


Administrations and administrative colleges

Administrative executives use seminars and study tours to study international best practices. In exchange with colleagues abroad, new ideas emerge, mistakes can be avoided, and public investments can be optimized. DMAN has excellent contacts to administrations at all levels as well as to administrative experts- We are available as a partner for the implementation of such measures.

Examples of programme formats:
Seminars and trainings, Study tours, Trainer on site


Chambers and trade associations 

Chambers and associations offer their members a variety of events. They put together delegations for trade show visits and invite them to specialist seminars, conferences or study tours. DMAN supports them by organizing the entire event or by delivering individual modules that enhance the agenda.

Examples of programme formats:
Trade show programmes, Study toursConferences


Consulting companies, study tour operators

DMAN is a flexible and reliable partner for consulting companies and providers of study trips or business events. We can offer a wide range of formats, allowing them to meet their customers' needs. Service packages and programme design are agreed upon individually.

Examples of programme formats
Trade show rogrammesStudy tours, Corporate events


National and international project holders

DMAN participates in projects awarded by governments or international organizations. As project partners, project manager or contractor, we contribute our special know-how with the design and implementation of management training courses.

The Manager Training Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, in which DMAN has been involved from the start, is the most prominent example of this type of projects.

BMWi Manager Training Programme, International projects