Country information

Are you planning to manufacture or sell your products on a new market? As an entrepreneur, you face many questions when thinking about an international market entry, for instance:

  • Where do I find profitable markets for my products?
  • Which regions offer affordable land prices?
  • What is the logistical connection like?
  • How do I find business partners?
  • Are qualified and loyal professionals available?
  • What are the legal and fiscal stumbling blocks?
  • Which "Do's & Don'ts" have to be observed?
  • What is the experience of other entrepreneurs?

In irregular intervals, DMAN offers information events on interesting target markets. These include exchanges of experience with our foreign seminar guests, lectures and seminars on selected target markets, or our Samovar Talks in the Castle.

Since 2008, DMAN has regularly organised cooperation exchanges for groups from the BMWi Manager Training Programme. In cooperation with local partners from business and administration, these events are held either in Celle Castle or hosted by academy partners, such as the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Regional events impart specific knowledge of a selected country or region. They are usually held in Celle, but can also be organised as in-house events, if required. In addition to historical information, these lectures also deal with intercultural aspects and with the social and political transformation processes that have taken place in Eastern Europe or the Arab world over the past 30 years. These changes have profound effects not only on business culture, but also on the national language, public speech and social discourse.