We are used to adapting flexibly to the most diverse requirements, and reliably do everything that is necessary to ensure the success of a programme.

We would be happy to organise a tailor-made qualification programme for you. Just let us know what we can do for you!

In case you already have concrete ideas and plans, it would be helpful to receive some initial information about your project.

  • What kind of seminar are you planning?
  • What date and duration do you have in mind?
  • How many participants (approximately) do you expect?
  • Who are the participants (industry, function)?
  • Which topics should be covered?
  • Where should the seminar take place?
  • Are there already ideas for the programme design?


Please do contact us even if you are still in the preliminary consideration phase and cannot yet name any concrete requirements. A conversation with our experts often helps to generate ideas.

For each seminar, we work out a programme design and a financial offer which are both based on the desired scope of services. We coordinate all content, organisational and financial aspects with you and prepare all necessary documents, such as contract, invoice, acceptance reports or anything else you may need for formal reasons.

If required, we will send you a formal invitation which supports your visa application at the responsible German consulate.

We look forward to organising a training programme for you soon!