“Same as here, just completely different”

Intercultural coaching helps German managers prepare for business with China

China is Germany's most important economic partner in Asia, and Germany is China's most important trading partner in Europe. Since the 1970s, the relationship between the two countries has developed in great diversity and substance, and cooperation is considered friendly and good.

But in spite of the long-standing relations between Germany and China, the cultural differences between the two countries can pose major challenges for internationally active companies.

There are still an amazing number of pitfalls in everyday cooperation between Germans and Chinese. For example, the smile of a Chinese business partner cannot necessarily be taken as an endorsement; it may just try to downplay an unpleasant situation. Even a nod and a "yes" can only mean you’re your words have been understood acoustically, not that your counterpart agrees.

Thus, very different business cultures, communication patterns, ways of thinking, values and norms collide that may, for example, diverge widely in the areas of time management and planning.

In order to make German-Chinese communication easier and help identify potential conflicts at an early stage, DMAN offers practice-oriented intercultural coaching as the ideal preparation for cooperation with Chinese business partners.

The programme is offered as a one-day training focusing on "German-Chinese communication" and "etiquette in China". It can be adapted to your individual requirements at any time. Contact us to discuss!