Coaching – Competence for international specialists and managers

Since 2018, the Academy has been offering a new service to international specialists and managers from all over the world.

Parallel to their participation in the DMAN seminar programmes, attendees have the possibility to book individual coaching during their stay in Celle. In connection with local DMAN seminars in the participants' country of origin, for example in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia or China, additional individual coaching will be carried out on site.

Coaching is an interactive, people-centered support process that focuses primarily on professional content. We focus on the professional role and current concerns of the specialist or manager. These can be questions in an international context, e.g. intercultural support or advice in the development and implementation of international projects.

Your contact for individual coaching:

Julia Thoma

DMAN Programme Manager China & ASEAN
International Personal Coach

At the 10th International Personnel Forum in Ulyanovsk, Russia, Julia Thoma presented "Coaching as a tool of management and leadership development" in a lecture and a master class. Read more


Customer feedback

Here is what coaches say about their individual coaching sessions:

“It is magic. Everything becomes clear and balanced after several sessions.”
Chen Ning, Beijing, PR China

“It is the most useful one hour of your life, when you can watch yourself from outside and observe your intuitions fairly.”
Solaleh Sahebzamani, Iran

“This was my first experience with individual coaching. It was quite different from the image I had had in mind. In individual coaching, “I” was consulting myself in a way. It was different from asking peers, family members or even mentors and role models in professional or private life. Although I think each person needs much time and practice to use coaching in everyday life successfully, it kind of felt like a soul massage to me.”
Bahar A., Iran

“I really do appreciate this individual coaching. (…). You taught me to draw my situation and how to organize a challenge. Thank you so much.”
Samira Mousavi, Iran

Perfect…  I learned a lot from this session, with regards to different aspects in my life.”
Simin Bazargan, Iran

“It was really good to talk about my concerns with Julia Thoma. She guided me so that I could find a solution and uncover the key problem. This makes me capable for my next issues for my whole life to think and find a way.
Fatemeh M., Iran

“It was quite a useful experiment for me. As it was in parallel to the coaching programme we had attended, it helped me to understand the situation of the person who is being coached. Moreover I learned how to look at the problems regardless of personal emotions and perceptions, which was very interesting for me and will for sure be a very useful technique in facing problems in the future.”
Sahar Rahmani, Iran