Celle Castle Talk: Rethinking management

Globalized markets require adjustments in corporate and personnel management. On 12 September 2013, the second "Celle Castle Talk" dealt with this exciting topic.

Some160 participants followed the presentations and discussions around questions like: Do SMEs need a new way of thinking in order to survive  international competition? What can, should or must change? And which proven management principles retain their validity and justification?

The organisers in conversation with moderator Astrid Frohloff: Olaf Brandes, managing director at Stiftung NiedersachsenMetall and Ideen Expo GmbH (left), and DMAN managing director Ralf Othmer. 

"Everything, except ordinary" was the title of the impulse presentation with which Anja Förster introduced the participants to the topic. Her lecture was an "incitement to lateral thinking" - a refreshing plea to question traditional patterns of thought and for creating a corporate culture in which change and new thinking are not just empty words, but lived practice.

The following panel discussion was introduced by Jürgen Matthes from the German Economic Institute.

In the second part of the event, entrepreneurs from Lower Saxony reported on the insights they have gained from their foreign commitments and on the degree of new management thinking that they consider a necessity for success on international markets.

During the get-together in the Caroline Mathilde rooms of the Celle castle museum, the participants used the opportunity for enthusiastic discussion and networking.