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Trainer and interpreter in Celle

Seminar participants in Ulyanovsk

Seminar participants in Ulyanovsk

Seminar participants in Ulyanovsk

Virtual conference

Personal exchange with experts, trainers, company representatives and peers has always been a fundamental part of all DMAN seminars and management trainings. Unfortunately, this direct contact is currently not possible. We are adapting to the changed conditions and develop online offers in various formats.

A specific use case for an online training arose in March: Our lecturer Prof. Peter Hohberger was to hold a one-day “Controlling” seminar at our partner, the Ulyanovsk Region Corporate University (KU ULGOV), for a group of participants in the university’s 6-month advanced training course "Business Administration for Technicians and Engineers".

The preparations were already in full swing when it became clear that, due to travel restrictions, it would not be possible to hold the seminar on site. In this situation, we decided with our partners in Ulyanovsk to organize the seminar as a webinar. Quickly, the technical prerequisites were created on both sides, different platforms were tried out, internet lines were enhanced and connections tested.

Finally, on 21 March 2020, the time had come: After a short welcome by Academy Director Harald Becker, Prof. Hohberger held the seminar in Celle castle, supported by interpreter Irina Jakovleva. In Ulyanovsk, the participants came together in a seminar room, listening, asking questions, working on tasks and presenting results. To our relief, the technology worked perfectly, the lines held out, and it was easy to see and hear each other.

In the end, everyone was very satisfied with this event. Elena Pavlova, Head of International Programs: "The project was a real success. The participants were absolutely satisfied with the seminar and found it lively and interesting".

In the meantime, we are already working on further projects together with partners from Russia, Iran and Tanzania. The formats will be very different, as they will be adapted both thematically and methodically to the objectives and requirements of the respective partners and participants.

Here are some examples of possible webinar topics:

  • How to do business with Germany: How will business have changed after the crisis?
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Management: How will supply chains change?
  • Change Management: How will companies find their way out of the crisis? How do companies in Germany master this challenge?
  • HR Management: What changes will the crisis bring for employees and HR professionals?
  • Communication Management: How will communication change in/after the crisis?

Even if a webinar cannot, of course, replace the direct encounter – the company exploration, the direct exchange with various discussion partners, and the immersion in another culture: We assume that webinars & Co. will continue to have their place in the design of DMAN training programmes in the future, always with a focus on company practice. That is why we will continue to develop new offers and formats. And we will be happy to take up suggestions from our partners and customers.