Waste management and tourism: Seminars for the partner regions Tyumen and Perm

Waste separation in the household

Presentation by aha

Earth Overshoot Day

Fodder silo

Plant in Belgorod, Russia

Trainees in the tourism sector in Lower Saxony

Presentation by the vocational schools Soltau

Vocational fields in tourism

Marketing regions of Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony has maintained partnerships with regions around the world for decades. In this context, DMAN, with financial support from the state of Lower Saxony, conducted two online seminar series for managers from the Russian regions of Tyumen and Perm in November 2021.

Both projects were originally planned as face-to-face seminars in Celle. But as so often recently, we had to switch these events to the online format. Advantage: More people were able to participate than would have been the case in Celle, so the experts could reach a larger audience.

Sustainable waste management
Exchange of experience between experts and practitioners from the Tyumen Oblast and Lower Saxony

The basis for this seminar was the cooperation between the Department of Mineral Resources and Ecology of the Tyumen Oblast and the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection.

Around 20 experts and managers from the department and from companies in the Tyumen Oblast experienced a five-day programme that provided insights into the practice of waste management. Municipal and commercial waste management companies, a state control authority, a scientist, associations, and suppliers of equipment and facilities presented their activities and described the legal framework and current trends.

Recycling was one key aspect of this programme. As all experts emphasised, the efficient use and reuse of resources is becoming increasingly important. With this in mind, the focus was on best practices for the implementation of recycling technologies and on the disposal and recycling of municipal waste, industrial waste and waste from agriculture.

In addition to lectures and presentations, we were also able to give our participants from Tyumen direct insights into the practice: Online, we took them to a farm near Celle, where the farmer explained his biogas plant.

Practice-oriented vocational training for the tourism sector
Experiences from Lower Saxony
– Seminar for professionals from Perm

This 4-part online event was funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Education and organised in partnership with Ministry of Education and Science of the Perm Krai. Experts in vocational education and tourism from the administration and vocational schools/colleges in the Perm region took part in the seminar.

At the beginning of the seminar, the Russian participants received an overview of the dual system of vocational training in Germany and the job profiles and training courses for the tourism/hospitality sector.

They were then given details from the different actors involved in this process. Speakers included: Vocational schools, companies where the young people complete their practical training, the Regional State Office for Schools and Education, a chamber of industry and commerce involved in the development and updating of job profiles and training courses as well as in the examinations, a university and, last but not least, TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH as the central contact for tourism in Lower Saxony.

Here, too, it was a report from practice that was particularly interesting for the participants: School management, teachers and pupils from a vocational school in Hanover reported on the practice-oriented lessons in their school.

We are pleased to have contributed to the cooperation with Lower Saxony’s partner regions with these two programmes, and hope that the impulses towards further contacts that existed in both cases can be expanded and developed in the future.