Smart Grids in energy supply

In June 2016, we could welcome a group from our long-term partner in Kasan, the Tatar Management Academy (TAU): Experts and managers of a regional Russian power grid company wanted to collect information on international experiences with the use of smart grids in energy supply.

A current topic, since the expansion of renewable energies, as envisaged by the German energy turnaround, requires flexible and "intelligent" electricity grids.

When it comes to smart grids, the districts of Celle and Uelzen are among the most advanced regions. No wonder that the visit to the Celle-Uelzen Stromnetz GmbH led to lively discussions on subjects such as intelligent local network stations, control systems for network safety calculations, or the feed-in of wind energy.

The meetings with representatives of EWE Netz GmbH (Oldenburg) and Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH as well as the presentation of the smart grid project "Norddeutsche Energiewende NEW4.0" provided our guests with first-hand information on the smart grid strategies of other distribution network operators.

During their visit at the Institute of High Voltage Technology and Electrical Power Systems (elenia) at the Technical University of Brunswick, the participants were given insights into current research projects and an outlook on future developments.

Finally, presentations and discussions with renowned technology suppliers provided concrete contacts and detailed technical information on the practical application of smart grid technology.

Professor Ildar Ablaev, director general of TAU who accompanied the group, was very pleased: "Like our previous joint seminars with DMAN, this programme was very productive. It offered a lot of content, and the visits of companies and projects, as well as the meetings with representatives of large firms like Siemens and Phoenix Contact, who work effectively with smart grids, were extremely informative. We would like to thank our German colleagues from DMAN for their speed, accuracy, flexibility, attention to all our wishes and also for the great cultural program! We will be happy to continue to work with the Academy in the future."