Seminar for Russian bachelor students

Company visit at Volkswagen

Company visit at Volkswagen

Company visit at Volkswagen

Company visit at Sennheiser

Company visit at Weidemann

Company visit at steindesign

The office dog at steindesign

Little free time, intensive seminar work, valuable insights into business practice

At the end of January 2019, a group of bachelor students from Moscow kicked off this year's seminars: 36 first-semester participants of the “Global Governance and Leadership” programme of our partner RANEPA, The School of Public Policy and Management ISS, informed themselves about business life in Lower Saxony.

Under the headline "Global Leadership – a view from the perspective of a successful German region", the group spent ten days in Germany, dealing with management topics such as: How does communication work in an intercultural team? What makes a successful manager? What does social responsibility mean for a company? These questions were dealt with in lectures, discussions, case studies and practical exercises.

As with all DMAN seminars, information visits to companies in Lower Saxony were also on the agenda: Pelikan, Achilles, Volkswagen, Wiedemann, Wilkhahn, steindesign and Sennheiser welcomed our guests and explained their business models and production.

"It is important for our students to gain insight into business practice, especially at the beginning of their studies, which helps them understand and process the contents of their studies in Moscow," says Natalia Abramova, director, The School of Public Policy and Management ISS, RANEPA. Gadzhi Malakhmaev, research fellow, The School of Public Policy and Management ISS, RANEPA, adds: "During their stay in Germany, the students can compare the intercultural aspects of their programme with practical experience and put their findings immediately into practice."

At the weekend, a trip to Bremen was on the agenda. With a walk through the picturesque Schnoorviertel - and finally some free time, the young people explored the home of the Bremen Town Musicians. On Sunday, it was time to work on a case study and prepare for the presentations at the end of the seminar.

The closing presentations clearly showed that the group had dealt intensively with what they had heard and seen and that many an emotional highlight will remain in their memories: The two tour guides at Volkswagen who come from Italy and Kenya, respectively, and were an inspiration to all participants. The polite and appreciative way in which the owners of Sennheiser treated all employees, regardless of their function. And, of course, the office dog at steindesign who had conquered all their hearts anyway.