Managers from six countries on three continents visit Lower Saxony

Group picture in front of Celle castle

Visit to Vatter bakery in Buchholz

Visit to Vatter bakery in Buchholz

Visit to Hofmosterei JH. Holst

Visit to Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH

Group picture at the end of the programme

From 23 September to 18 October 2019, a BMWi Manager Training Programme on food processing took a group of 19 young entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan, Chile, India, Mexico, Turkmenistan and Vietnam to DMAN in Celle.

With their medium-sized companies, the participants represented almost the entire spectrum of the food industry - vegetables, meat, fruit, juice, fish, dried fruit, biscuits, soybeans, mushrooms, tea, avocado oil and even algae burgers.

The top managers wanted to explore the latest developments and trends in the food industry and the agricultural sector, and find German partners for joint projects and cooperations. They had ample opportunity to do so during their fifteen company visits, numerous individual business meetings and at the Anuga trade fair in Cologne.

With 7,590 exhibitors and over 170,000 visitors, Anuga is the world's largest trade fair for food and beverage and regarded as a path-breaking event for trends in this sector. The participants spent an inspiring time at the fair and took the opportunity to exchange ideas with potential customers and partners, and to initiate business projects.

All participants were very satisfied with the results achieved. Bhavya Chandarana found a potential partner for his company Raghuvanshi Exports. His Indian colleague Harith Budhraja drew the following conclusion: "The Anuga trade fair in Cologne almost overwhelmed me with its size and the immense number of exhibitors. It offers great potential for initiating business contacts. But you have to prepare thoroughly for it, otherwise you'll simply get lost here."

It is the goal of this programme to make the participants "fit for partnership with Germany". During their company explorations, they gained insights into everyday company life and learned to better understand business practice in Germany.

Annaoraz Durdyyev from Turkmenistan was enthusiastic about the visit of the bakery Vatter in Buchholz. Founded in 1955, the bakery uses only high-quality raw materials and products from the region. Annaoraz raved: "The visit to the Vatter bakery was a revelation for me. In Turkmenistan we also produce pastries and bakery products. Our production is three times smaller than that of Vatter, but our annual turnover is almost forty times smaller! This deserves a lot of respect and changes my idea of the German market immensely".

Jalal Shiralizade was very impressed with Gilde Brewery: "I work in the beverage industry in Azerbaijan and it was very interesting for me to see how a German company in this industry works. My expectations have been fulfilled: It is a very clean, well-organized and highly automated production. The tasting was a lot of fun! It was a perfect conclusion for our group programme!”

The participants also visited Hofmosterei JH. Holst. The family business has been producing juice from local fruit and selling it exclusively in the region for more than 20 years. Owner Joachim Holst said: "The great interest in our production pleased me very much, and in the end it was a lively exchange of experience.

Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH is selling its water treatment technology in all parts of the world. Héctor Santodomingo, Head of Business Management Latin America, was therefore very pleased that the group of visitors he led through the plant included international guests from Chile, India, Mexico and Vietnam.

In all the companies they visited, the participants gained new ideas, important information and valuable hints for their own work. The open exchange of experiences impressed the participants. It opened new opportunities for cooperation with German partners and gave them ideas and impulses for optimising their home companies.