How to improve productivity – and do business with Germany

In April 2021, DMAN organized a 2-day online seminar for Iranian managers. They learned about successful methods to improve company productivity – and gathered useful information on how to do business and register a company in Germany. This educational programme was implemented in cooperation with AGQ Institute, represented by its International Director, Ms Mina Alavash.

The first day was dedicated to productivity improvement. Prof. Fred Ludolph presented ten successful steps to increase productivity. He discussed the impact of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (“VUCA”) on company productivity as well as the benefits of using the Kaizen system and Open Space technology, and he pointed out the importance of preparing a business plan and of adopting modern management styles based on leadership and teamwork.

Other topics covered in this part of the seminar included the digital transformation, financial issues and their role in business planning and business models, as well as international investments or market entries.

On day 2, the participants got plenty of information and advice on how to do business and register a company in Germany. Lecturer Shahram Misaghi presented the different types of German companies, including joint-stock or limited liability companies, and explained prerequisites, procedures and costs associated with their registration.

Regarding the business landscape in Germany, the participants learned, for example, that the service industry is the largest and fastest-growing economic sector. They were also given useful guidance on practical topics, such as residence or children’s education in Germany.

It is worth mentioning that the participants of this online seminar will be presented with a certificate of DMAN, confirming their successful participation.

About AGQ Institute
Asre Goftego Qalam (AGQ) Institute specializes in designing and implementing tailor-made, practice-oriented qualification and internship programmes. Based in Tehran, AGQ Institute has launched business training for small and medium-sized businesses in Iran to help them enter the worldwide markets. In close relationship with European universities and business schools, the institute organizes vocational training in Europe for Iranian business people and entrepreneurs. DMAN has been cooperating with AGQ Institute since 2016.