Well prepared for sustainable e-tourism in Iraq

15 Iraqi professionals and managers from the tourism sector took part in a five-day online seminar on e-tourism, which DMAN had organized together with the Erbil office of AHK Iraq in November 2020.

It was the aim of this training programme to provide the participants with up-to-date information and expertise on e-tourism. In three virtual sessions per seminar day, they had the opportunity to study the following aspects, among others:

  • Current situation and trends in tourism
  • Tourism marketing
  • Strategic concepts for e-tourism
  • Product development for specific target groups
  • Benefit-oriented marketing
  • Positioning and brand building
  • Pricing and marketing mix
  • Marketing and sales processes
  • Building long-term customer relationships

After such intensive examination of the many facets of the topic, the participating tourism and travel agency experts are now well equipped to develop and implement strategies, concepts and products for sustainable e-tourism in Iraq.

The German Liaison Office for Industry and Commerce in Iraq (AHK Iraq) in Baghdad and Erbil is the representative office of the German economy in Iraq and accomplishes the tasks of the German Chamber of Commerce (AHK). It supports the economic exchange and the establishment of business contacts between Germany and Iraq.