Focus on Iran: Seminar, Hannover Messe, INSTEX

DMAN-Seminar in Teheran

About 30 participants took part in a seminar that DMAN conducted in February 2019 in cooperation with its partner ICCIM at AHK Iran in Tehran.

The topics – change management in times of crisis and internationalisation models for Iranian companies – were explained using numerous practical examples from German companies.

The ICCIM Education and Research Institute has over 40 years of experience in further education. In 2006, it started its activities as an independent subsidiary of the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA).


AHK Iran event at Hannover Messe

The German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Iran) invites to this event taking place at Hannover Messe:

Under the heading  “Wie kann man das Geschäft im Iran fortsetzen?“ (How to continue business in Iran), experts from business and politics will discuss the current opportunities and risks when dealing with Iran. Please note that the discussion will be held in German, without translation.

Date and time: 2 April 2019 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. 
Location: Hanover fairgrounds, hall 27, stand B30/11, VIP room

Participation is free of charge. Registration and confirmation of participation are mandatory.
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Instrument for Supporting Trade Exchanges (INSTEX)

Many companies know the problem of payment processing with Iran. But something is happening, at least for those companies that rank trade with Iran higher than trade with the USA and do not fear a market exclusion in the USA.

Germany, France and the United Kingdom cooperate with Iran in the special purpose vehicle INSTEX, which was founded in February 2019. Its task is to facilitate legitimate trade between Europe and Iran, which has come to a standstill, without private banks facing penalties for using the US currency.

Based in Paris, INSTEX will serve as an intermediary to settle receivables of European and Iranian companies with each other. Thus, Iran can export oil or other products. Money for this does not flow into Iran via banks, but to European companies that sell goods to Iran. The future will show to what extent this will be practicable.

More information: INSTEX and Europe’s “Legitimate Trade” with Iran