DMAN and AHK Iran organize seminars in Tehran

In cooperation with the German-Iranian Chamber of Industry & Commerce (AHK Iran), DMAN organized two qualification programmes for Iranian managers and specialists in July 2016:

Marketing for the carpet industry
From 23 to 25 July 2016, Iranian specialists received further qualification regarding marketing in the carpet industry. In the AHK offices in Tehran, six participants studied industry-specific topics around production, marketing and sales. They expanded their knowledge in a highly targeted way and familiarized themselves with new marketing tools.

Project Management
16 participants joined DMAN’s project management seminar that took also place in Tehran. Between 26 and 28 July 2016, they discussed these major topics: project management, strategic management, and marketing. Best practices of project management in Germany were given special attention at this practice-oriented seminar.

On behalf of DMAN, Klaus-Peter Wagenführ carried out both seminars.

Given the success of these first seminars, AHK Iran and DMAN will continue to offer joint events for professional development. Topics and content can be flexibly adapted to the needs of individual participants. These seminars will be held in Tehran - or in the representative DMAN offices in Celle Castle, respectively.

Should you have questions on these programmes or be interested in participating, please do not hesitate to contact Yousef Nahhas by email or phone: +49.5141.973-213.