Digital branding and supply chain management

In August 2021, DMAN organized a 2-day online seminar for Iranian managers on the topics of digital branding and supply chain management. This educational programme was implemented in cooperation with AGQ Institute, represented by its International Director, Ms Mina Alavash. Together, DMAN and AGQ Institute organize educational events in the form of seminars, webinars and educational tours to Germany.

The first part of the seminar was dedicated to the positive impact of digital marketing on customer orientation and branding. Lecturer Klaus-Peter Wagenführ explained what customer orientation means, why it is important for companies to offer a unique value proposition instead of just product features, which touch points exist and how digital marketing works. He underlined the importance of a company website as a central building block of digital marketing, and of search engine optimization (SEO). To conclude this part, the participants studied the principles of successful branding and digital advertising as well as examples of successful brands and their social media activities.

In the second part of the seminar, Dr. Lars Stemmler, Head of International Projects at bremenports, spoke about the basic principles of supply chain management and its many aspects, such as supply chain strategy, managing inventory, transport chains, material and finance flows, as well as the organizational integration of SCM. He emphasized the importance of company branding and of active supply chain management for being successful in competitive markets.

It is worth mentioning that the participants of this online seminar were presented with a DMAN certificate confirming their successful participation.


About AGQ Institute
Asre Goftego Qalam (AGQ) Institute specializes in designing and implementing tailor-made, practice-oriented qualification and internship programmes. Based in Tehran, AGQ Institute has launched business training for small and medium-sized businesses in Iran to help them enter the worldwide markets. In close relationship with European universities and business schools, the institute organizes vocational training in Europe for Iranian business people and entrepreneurs. DMAN has been cooperating with AGQ Institute since 2016.