Celle honey in Hunan Province

Hannoversche Straße in Changde with a view on the restaurant “deutsch”

German department store with products from Lower Saxony

Celle honey as a greeting to China

Mr Yi Fagang, Secretary-General of the Changde Business Association, Julia Thoma, Ms Lin Yunli, Office of Economic Affairs and Information, Patrick Gu, Mr Chen Yongchun, Office of Economic Affairs and Information (from the left)

Mr. Chen Jie, Manager of the Changsha Training Centre (2nd from the left)

Meeting at the Changsha Training Centre

A German restaurant, coffee from Hanover, a shopping center with selected articles from Lower Saxony, a Hanover house and much more are to be seen in the north of the province of Hunan - on the “Hannoversche Straße” in Changde. The street that was built in the architectural style of Northern Germany in the 6-million metropolis opened in October 2016.

In March 2017, Julia Thoma, DMAN programme manager for China and the ASEAN region, travelled to Hunan Province. "I know the initiators of the project, Bailan Xia and Burkhard Schneider, quite well, and they had always asked me to come to Changde. So I decided to get a personal impression of this ambitious project. It is really remarkable what has been achieved and implemented here in such a short time."

On behalf of DMAN, Julia Thoma handed over a glass of “Celler Heideblütenhonig” to the project manager of the German Quarter in Changde, Elias Stegmiller. And, of course, she also introduced him to the seminar offering of Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen. For companies from Changde, a training course on the subject of industry 4.0 in Celle Castle would certainly be a special experience.

In Changde, Patrick Gu, representative of the state of Lower Saxony and of DMAN in China, and Julia Thoma also visited the Changde City Office for Economic Affairs and the Changde Business Association.

After their visits in Changde, Patrick Gu and Julia Thoma had an appointment at the SAIC Volkswagen Changsha Branch where they visited the Changsha Training Centre for Vocational Training in automotive mechatronics. As the DMAN plans to develop vocational training offers, the exchange with Mr. Chen Jie, head of the training centre, was of particular interest.