BMWi Manager Training Programme 2020 in online format

Online training: DMAN programme manager Julia Thoma at the introductory workshop

HR manager and trainees from Celle-Uelzen Netz GmbH at DMAN in Celle

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions, travel bans and possible quarantine problems, BMWi has decided to offer its manager training as virtual programmes this year.

Online trainings, company explorations and B2B meetings prepare the participating managers for new cross-border partnerships and especially for doing business with the German economy.

Under the motto "Fit for Partnership with Germany", 19 managers from seven countries are currently completing an eight-week virtual programme at DMAN on the subject of "Business Cooperation - Cluster Healthcare & Energy Efficiency in Industry". From 17 August to 9 October 2020, entrepreneurs from Belarus, Georgia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan will qualify "virtually".

The individual companies and specific interests are as different as the countries of origin. As always, this group is a colourful mix of industries, company sizes and wishes (cooperation, purchasing, sales). The majority of the participants come from the medical/clinical sector: doctors, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment manufacturing and information technology. The rest is a mix of different sectors, from solar technology via water filters, toys, building materials to printing and catering.

The programme is well received by the participants, who are all fit in the virtual space. The virtual company explorations are meeting with great interest. Participants can discuss practical management issues and gain insights into the German corporate culture.

This was also the case with the virtual company visit to Celle-Uelzen Netz GmbH (CUN). HR manager Martin Wichmann came to DMAN with two trainees: Sina Geers and Paul Agergaard reported first-hand about the dual training system in Germany and at CUN in particular. DMAN also supports the managers in finding and establishing individual business contacts and B2B meetings throughout Germany.

Participants are very satisfied with the course of the programme so far and actively involved, depending on their individual situation in each country and company. Especially the work in the breakout sessions activates and motivates them. They agree that the programme is not only an opportunity to get to know German economy and culture, but also to develop contacts with companies/colleagues from seven different countries.