Enhanced cooperation with the province of Shandong

Mr. Zhou Jialun (Deputy Director of the European and African Affairs Division of the Foreign Affairs Office), Mr. Xing Yi (Head of the International Training Department at the Organizing Committee of Shandong), Ms. Hu Xin (Foreign Affairs Department), Baojun Wang and Julia Thoma (from left)

Signing of the cooperation agreement with Mr. Zhang Zhuxiu, General Director of the Shandong Administration of the Foreign Affairs Administration Institute

As the new programme manager for China and the ASEAN region, Julia Thoma travelled to the People's Republic at the beginning of June 2016. First, she visited the DMAN representative office in Shanghai, which supports the acquisition on site, establishes contacts with Chinese companies, administrations, associations and chambers, and works closely with DMAN’s Chinese partner organisations .

The colleagues in Shanghai, Baojun Wang and Patrick Gu, have also acted as representatives of the state of Lower Saxony in China since autumn 2006. In this function, they represent the interests of the federal state in Shanghai and are the first point of contact for companies and institutions in Lower Saxony who are already engaged in China or interested in the Chinese market.

After further appointments in Shanghai and Nanjing, Julia Thoma went to Jinan in Shandong province. There, the DMAN representatives worked with the responsible managers of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shandong Provincial People's Government to define the content of a 3-week training programme for a delegation of 15 mayors from Shandong who visited Celle and Munich in July.

DMAN and the Shandong Administration of the Foreign Affairs Administration Institute also signed a cooperation agreement. They will cooperate in the field of further education and foreign trade. Joint seminars and projects are planned.